Types of Windows

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Types of Windows

A window is one of the most important components of a home. It does not only accentuate the design of the structure but also provides ventilation and illumination. This is why its highly significant to pay particular attention to the design of the windows you would want for your home.

There are several types of windows that you can choose from, but your choice would largely depend on the overall design of your house. If you are building a house with a classic or traditional look, you wouldn’t want to put a highly contemporary window that would blatantly clash and have a contradicting effect on its appearance.

Here are the types of windows that can hopefully guide you in your decision making as to what type would most suitable for your house:

Double Hung Windows

This type of window has a classic style and appearance, and usually has hidden springs lower interior sash and other friction devices. There are specific varieties of sashes available in the market today that can be taken out, swiveled or titled so you will be able to clean it thoroughly. This type also offers good ventilation from top and bottom part.

Casement Windows

The casement window type is usually mounted on side hinges and can be maneuvered by cranks that would move back and forth the sash. They can either be hung individually or in pairs and can easily be wiped. Casements also “scoop” in the gusts of air so you can also expect good ventilation if you will be using this type.

Jalousie Windows

More commonly known as louvers, it is made up of glass slats that are placed in metal clips that you can open and close in unison. Although they provide very good ventilation, it can be quite chilly during the cold season. This can be a little tricky to clean since some dusts and dirt can accumulate in the crevices of metals. Some people would take out each glass slats and clean it individually. However, if there are minor cracks of chips, you can easily replacement the glass slats with a very minimal cost.

Tilt-Turn Windows

This type has a distinct European style that you can usually see this variety in European-inspired residential structures. They can be tilted towards the room and can be turned a make a 180 degrees turn for easy clean ups. This feature allows individuals to make use of such varieties for emergency exits should the need arise. But if you plan to purchase this type make sure to find one with the multipoint locking device, which ensures more reliable security.

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